After consulting with Lee County School District’s safety officials and Lee County DOT, we have collaboratively designed a plan we hope to better serve our parents and staff with the traffic congestion during morning drop-off. Please keep in mind: traffic will always be heavy due to the single entry for cars and buses along with the large number of families using their personal vehicles for school transportation. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

The goal of the new system has three objectives:

  1. To keep a steady flow onto the bus ramp door and front door drop-off areas
  2. To give parents a choice on which area they would like to drop off
  3. To alleviate the need and subsequent safety issue that comes with staff directing traffic flow patterns

As you enter campus, merge one at a time and come upon the 3-way stop. At that point, please follow the directions which are posted on the following sign: 

You then have two options: to continue straight on the bus ramp drop-off area where you must exit onto Gladiolus Drive (no parking) or turn left to front drop area or parking lot. If you choose the front drop off or parking area, you must exit campus on to School Street. This plan allows for two separate continuous flow patterns during morning drop-off.

Thank you for your cooperation.