Mobile Devices


Personal Electronic Devices 

In accordance with the School Board, “the use of personal electronic devices is permitted during specified times.  Students are allowed to bring their devices to school.  Students may utilize personal electronic mobile devices in designated              areas for educational purposes when deemed appropriate by appropriate school personnel.”

Phones, tablets and smart watches are examples of electronic devices.  At school,        even if your child is wearing a device, (for example a smart watch) he/she will have to keep it off and in the book bag when not using it for an instructional  activity. 

Responsibility for Devices

Students that bring personal mobile electronic devices to school do so at their own risk. 

∙ Students are expected to keep their devices secure at all times and not loan to others.

∙ The school/District accepts no responsibility if a device is lost, stolen, misplaced, damaged or confiscated. 

∙ Students are responsible for charging and maintaining their personal mobile electronic device(s) and the school/District assumes no responsibility for same.           This includes the use of anti-malware software, if applicable, on the personal mobile electronic device.

∙ The school/District accepts no responsibility for viruses, malware or other computer related issues associated with connecting to the District’s network.

∙ The school/District accepts no responsibility for the costs associated with or that may result from the use of data or texting services by a student when using a personal mobile electronic device.  

Use of Electronic Devices
Devices may not be used to disrupt the educational environment or violate the      rights of others.

Devices are prohibited from being used in the restroom, at lunch, and at recess.

∙ Using the device to cheat, violate school conduct rules, harass/bully staff or    students or using the device for unlawful purposes will subject the student to disciplinary action.

∙ Recording the voice or image of another in any way that disrupts the educational environment, invades the privacy of others, or is made without the consent of the individuals being recorded is prohibited. 

∙ Devices are only to be used for educational purposes and under the supervision     and guidance of school personnel.