Administration and Leadership



 Name  Title  Email
 Doug Palow Principal  Email
Anika Carter  Assistant Principal   Email
Lindsey Thorstad  Assistant Principal   Email
 Natasha Edinger Math Coach  Email
Katie Bocchino   Reading Coach (K-2nd) Email 
Dodie Lytle  Reading Coach (3rd-5th)  Email
 Lacey Davis IB Coordinator    Email 
Bryanna Van Helden

Intervention Specialist 

 Kathleen Morrow School Counselor   Email



 Name  Title  Email
Monica Fastenau Kindergarten  Email
Jennifer Kee  Kindergarten
Pamela Lewis Kindergarten
Stacia Pittard Kindergarten
Kristina Caudill   Kindergarten  Opens email for Victoria Neskes
Libby Davis Kindergarten Email
Michelle Schiff Kindergarten   Opens email for Victoria Neskes

First Grade


 Name  Title  Email
Amber Madore First Grade  Email
Jessica Benedon First Grade
Nina Eddy First Grade
Julia Fort First Grade
Elizabeth Anderson First Grade
Rosanne Joyce First Grade
Ashley Roth First Grade
Alexis Nilsson  First Grade  Email 

Second Grade


 Name  Title  Email
Sondra Best Second Grade
Grace Tresch Second Grade
Madison Franz Second Grade
Austin McElyea Second Grade
Kelly McDonald Second Grade
Megan Hostetter Second Grade
Stacy Royal Second Grade
Taylor Strange  Second Grade   Email

Third Grade


 Name Title   Email
Sarah Chesnut Third Grade  Email
Christina Douglas  Third Grade  Email
Katelyn Kebhart Third Grade
Julia Gutierrez Third Grade
Chelsea Javorowsky Third Grade
Jamie Leach Third Grade   Email
Hannah Peterson Third Grade  Email
Reagan Potter Third Grade  Email
 Megan Roberts  Third Grade  Email 

Fourth Grade


 Name  Title  Email
Kristyn Henning-Licata Fourth Grade  Email
Courtney Sleeper  Fourth Grade
Janet Elrubaie Fourth Grade
Jordon Stamper Fourth Grade
 Lisa Peak Fourth Grade   Email
Heather Williams  Fourth Grade Opens email for Victoria Neskes 
Molly McDole Fourth Grade  Email

Fifth Grade


 Name  Title  Email
Rachel Caruso Fifth Grade
Kristina Mintz Fifth Grade
Chelsey Tokan Fifth Grade
Kelsey Walklett Fifth Grade
 Nicole Driscoll Fifth Grade  Email
Greg Terhark Fifth Grade Email
Kaley Junkin  Fifth Grade Email
 Stephanie Bovinett Fifth Grade  Email 




 Name  Title  Email
Madison Barker ESE KG-1st  Email
 Julie Ramsay  Pre-K  Email
 Terri Levins Pre-K  Email 
 Allison Apostol ESE 2nd   Email
 Christina Cerwinsky Behavior Specialist
Alexandria Naugle Social Communications KG-2nd
Carmen Diaz Social Communications KG-2nd
 Stacey Head ESE 4th Grade  Email
 Michelle Schiff Specific Learning Disabled Teacher  Email
 Ashley Elverd Autism Spectrum Disorder Teacher  Email
 Mekenzie Trina ESE 3rd Grade  Email
 Tyler Trina  ESE 5th Grade Email 
 Michele Ware Autism Spectrum Disorder Teacher  Email
 Melinda Melendez ESE 4th-5th  Email 



 Name  Title  Email
Erin Cantwell Music  Email
Marcus Klusacek Physical Education
Nicole Corsi Cultural Studies  Email
Amanda Rasnake STEM
Alexis Pyszka Art


 Name  Title  Email
Lisa Alexander Gifted  Email
Hope Niemier Speech Language Pathologist
 Shane Hochberg  Speech Language Pathologist Email 


 Name  Title  Email
Rita Collins Office Para
Jill Dodge PE Para
Cheryl Giaquinta SC Tech - IDEA
Steven Giaquinta Helping Teacher
Mary Horstmeyer ESE Para
 Christopher Lemons PE Para  Email
 Deb Ottoman Helping Teacher- PV   Email
Kathleen Ruhmel  Para Email

Office Staff

 Name  Title  Email
Michele Curry Information Specialist  Email
Mirna Doolin Clerk Typist  Email
Lisa McElyea Clerk Typist  Email
Kimberly Whelan Bookkeeper  Email
Dawn Souders Secretary to Principal  Email
 Alex Jackson Technical Support Specialist  Email

Cafeteria Staff

 Name  Title  Email
Aylem Blanco Food Service Manager  Email
Maritza Surribas Food and Nutriotion Services Worker  Email
Sonia Martinez Food and Nutriotion Services Worker  Email
Brian McGeehan Food and Nutriotion Services Worker  Email
Alexandria Rebolledo Food and Nutriotion Services Worker  Email
Myrna Soto-Cruz Food and Nutriotion Services Worker  Email

Custodian Staff

 Name  Title  Email
Samuel Rios Building Supervisor  Email
Saika Cristo Head Custodian  Email
Mareli Castell Custodian  Email
Pedro Gonzalez Custodian  Email
Moraima Munoz Garcia Custodian  Email
Walker Jr. Maxworth Custodian  Email
 Padilla Elvis Custodian  Opens email for Victoria Neskes